Rejoiners, are returning employees.

April 26, 2024

Meet the Rejoiners – what’s behind the boomerang effect?

We chatted to three Axis "rejoiners", to find out why employees leaving Axis often return and find it hard to stay away.
Henrik Kurelid and Rikard Hermansson in our Linköping office

February 8, 2024

Office Spotlight: Our Linköping R&D site is expanding

We met with Henrik Kurelid, R&D Director for Linköping and Rickard Hermansson, Engineering Manager to learn more about the current innovations, office life, and how you could be part of their growing organization.
growth, new stockholm r&d office

January 11, 2024

Join our new R&D office in Stockholm and be a part of an exciting growth journey

In line with our ambitious plans for growth and expansion, we are excited to announce the opening of a new R&D office in Stockholm.
Tess Persson, Sales Development Representative

September 21, 2023

Meet Tess, Sales Development Representative and nature explorer

Meet Tess, Sales Development Representative at Axis. Read about the Nordic Inside Sales team at Axis, and how they work closely with our partners to offer them the best solutions.
Malin Klein, Mechanical Engineer

May 9, 2023

Meet Malin, Mechanical Engineer and nature lover

Meet Malin, a Senior Mechanical Engineer. Learn about her varying job, her focus on innovative design and about the freedom to shape her role.
viktoria vucic test engineer

March 13, 2023

Meet Victoria, Experienced Security Test Engineer and avid reader

Meet Victoria, an Experienced Security Test Engineer. Learn about her work with cybersecurity and about her part in the Software Security Group.
Reza, IT Helpdesk Manager at Axis Communications

February 22, 2023

Meet Reza, IT Helpdesk Manager and football coach

Meet Reza, who's the IT Helpdesk Manager for around 40 passionate IT Technicians. And read about his thoughts on how to create a successful team.
Isak Stjerrup, Electronics Engineer

February 15, 2023

Meet Isak, Electronics Engineer and motorbike enthusiast

Meet Isak, an Electronics Engineer within the R&D team. Read about his best piece of advice to secure a career with Axis.
ASIC Engineer

February 7, 2023

3 reasons to advance your career as an ASIC Engineer with Axis

Want to start your journey as an ASIC Engineer and become a part of the foundation of Axis? Read about our 3 reasons to advance your career with us.
Engineering Manager

February 7, 2023

Meet Magdalena, Engineering Manager and padel enthusiast

Meet Magdalena, an Engineering Manager responsible for two software teams at Axis. Read about what her teams does, and about how she would describe her management style.
Amanda Tydén software engineer

January 12, 2023

Meet Amanda, Software Engineer and adventurer

Meet Amanda, Software Engineer and adventurer. Learn about her job and how she works with deep-learning in specific applications.
Ideon Games

December 7, 2022

Axis competes in the Ideon Games 2022

Read about the Ideon Games tournament, about Axis taking part and what initiatives like these mean to the work culture at Axis.

October 14, 2022

Meet Johannes, Software Engineer and geek

Meet Johannes, Software Engineer at Axis. Learn about his role and how a typical day as software engineer looks like.
developer experience expert

October 11, 2022

Meet Gustaf, Developer Experience Expert and salty licorice aficionado

Meet Gustaf, a developer experience expert. It’s his job to ensure developers are happy and working with tools that help them and don’t cause friction.
New business team

October 6, 2022

Meet the New Business team

In this blog post, you’ll get to know the New Business team at Axis, and how ‘Free Fridays’ stimulate and enable innovation.
Fredrika Hill

September 30, 2022

How to prepare for your interview at Axis

In this blog post, Fredrika Hill, HR Specialist at Axis, tells you what you can expect from your job interview at Axis Sweden and gives you some tips and tricks on how to be successful.