Axis competes in the Ideon Games 2022

December 7, 2022

Ideon Games

On October 21st, the team ‘Act as Juan Deag’, comprised of Axis employees, took part in the finals of the Ideon Games 2022.

The event organized and livestreamed by Gigstep and Ideon Science Park, Sweden, saw teams from organizations based across the country take part in a play-off finals of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) tournament.

We recently sat down with team member Göran Kempe to hear more about the tournament, about Axis taking part and what initiatives like these mean to the work culture at Axis.

The Ideon Games began in 2021 for companies based within the Ideon Science Park but has since expanded into a national tournament with companies from across Sweden taking part. Axis, in particular the team ‘Act as Juan Deag’, are no strangers to the competition, first entering in 2021 where they finished as overall winners.

This year however, despite remaining competitive and undefeated through the previous rounds, they were only able to secure 2nd place after losing two matches in the best of three final against Cloudgruppen. The team are already hard at work preparing for Ideon Games 2023, where they hope to regain the gold.

Ideon Games
The full Act as Juan team: Göran, Olle, Andreas, Johan, Shpend, Niklas and Simon.

While to some, competing in the Ideon Games may just be an eSports tournament, Göran explains it’s much more than that. “This initiative has given me an opportunity to meet a lot of new faces within Axis, so it’s really good for networking. It’s also great as a real team building tool. We’ve grown a lot as individuals, but also some of us as leaders because we need leaders in the team to give everybody direction, a vision, and a goal.”

This is just one of many initiatives run, organized, or hosted by Axis employees. Göran believes this contributes to a better working environment. “To have these initiatives in Axis brings us together as almost a family. To have all these different opportunities to engage in activities outside of work, whatever they may be, with people who share the same interests is a great way to gain new friends, and friends that I know are good people because they are Axians. I really appreciate working in an organization that allows us to participate in tournaments like this. It matters a lot to me and my colleagues”

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