Henrik Kurelid and Rikard Hermansson in our Linköping office

February 8, 2024

Office Spotlight: Our Linköping R&D site is expanding

We met with Henrik Kurelid, R&D Director for Linköping and Rickard Hermansson, Engineering Manager to learn more about the current innovations, office life, and how you could be part of their growing organization.
growth, new stockholm r&d office

January 11, 2024

Join our new R&D office in Stockholm and be a part of an exciting growth journey

In line with our ambitious plans for growth and expansion, we are excited to announce the opening of a new R&D office in Stockholm.
advent of code

October 30, 2023

Join Advent of Code with Axis!

Sign up and join 'Advent of Code' with Axis Leaderboard, a yearly advent calendar of small programming puzzles. Use your skills to solve puzzles that range from the very simple, to some real thinkers, using any coding language you choose.
Ideon Games

December 7, 2022

Axis competes in the Ideon Games 2022

Read about the Ideon Games tournament, about Axis taking part and what initiatives like these mean to the work culture at Axis.