We love fika

You could say that getting together over baked goodies and coffee is baked into our culture. At Axis, we love Fika, a Swedish tradition that celebrates catching up over a brew and cakes. In many ways, Fika exemplifies priorities we hold dear: togetherness, healthy life-work balance, sharing, and listening. You'd be amazed at the great things that start with Fika! 

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Caffeine, conversation, connections 

Fika doesn't just give everyone a chance to say 'hi' and hit the refresh button. It also sets the stage to meet new faces and share ideas. Sometimes as the coffee goes down, great ideas bubble up! No wonder. At Axis, we're all about turning fresh thinking into pioneering products that make the world a smarter, safer place. 

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Happy Friday! 

Did you know? Every Friday we serve cake at Axis HQ. Well, it is Friday, after all! Even better, freshly brewed coffee, tea and fruit are always available at our HQ. That way, everything is in place, whenever you want to get together for Fika or find a quiet spot to recharge. 

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We're full of beans 

So how much do we love Fika? Put it this way: we drink 1173100 cups of coffee every year at our HQ office. That's a lot of beans – and quite a few health benefits too. (Just don't overdo the caffeine!) We don't count the cakes, though. We're too busy tucking in and chatting away!  

Our take on life/ work balance 

In our eyes, everyone at Axis should get the right balance between their career and their personal life. That's why we prioritize things like Fika, health plans, and giving colleagues responsibility to manage their time. Sure, we're never afraid to work hard and go the extra mile. But we never forget that success starts with happy, fulfilled lives inside and outside the office. 

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