Developer community

August 17, 2023

Tools and resources to help students towards a rewarding career in technology: The Axis Developer Community

Join the Axis Developer Community, where you can access the tools and resources needed to develop software applications for Axis products.
software development

November 30, 2022

5 tips for your first job in software development

Are you about to start your career in software development? In this blog post, we’ve asked one of our student workers Frida about her best advice for other students who are starting their first job in software development.
Electronic Engineer

October 9, 2022

From thesis work to employment: Amelie’s journey

Meet Amelie Bäck, Electronic Engineer at Axis, and one of many university students who started off her career at Axis with thesis work.

October 4, 2022

From summer work to full time employment: Robin’s journey

Meet Robin Olofsson, engineer at Axis, and one of many students who has started his journey with Axis as a summer worker.
Electronic Engineer

October 3, 2022

From summer job to full time employment: Viktor’s journey

Meet Viktor Drakfeldt, Electrical Engineer at Axis. Viktor studied electrical engineering in Lund and met Axis at the student fair ARKAD.