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Meet Malin, Mechanical Engineer and nature lover

May 9, 2023

Malin Klein, Mechanical Engineer

About Malin

  • Job role: Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Team: Multi Channel Products Mechanics
  • Location: Axis HQ, Lund, Sweden
  • Time at Axis: 15 years
  • Fun fact: Enjoys putting on her running shoes and getting out into the woods.

What is your role at Axis?

I’m a Senior Mechanical Engineer and have been working as a Mechanical Lead for many years now across a number of projects. That means I am managing sub projects within mechanics, which includes a lot of planning, design, and innovation. The job can vary quite a lot from project to project and is dependent on the project size. You have a lot of freedom to shape the role yourself.

During my years at Axis, I have been at two different departments, but always within mechanics. Currently I am in the Multi-Channel Products department (MCP), where we are developing cameras with multiple sensor/camera units integrated into one single product. Cameras with multiple sensors are used for wide area coverage in a cost-efficient way. These kinds of products could, for example, be found in schools and retail establishments.

What does a typical day look like for a mechanical engineer?

I usually start the day by looking through my new emails and today’s calendar. As we work a lot with Asian suppliers, who are in a different time zone, a lot of new emails can come in during the night. Depending on which phase of the project you are in, it can look quite different. In some periods there are a lot of meetings, in others we work with new concepts and then there is a lot of 3D modeling and evaluation of prototypes which takes up my time. The projects normally consist of a concept phase, execution phase and acceptance phase.

In the concept phase it might be more of a focus on working on innovative design. This might include prototyping, concept studies and evaluation, or 3D modeling, for example. Other phases might be more meeting focused. Often this can involve different departments who are involved in a project or syncing with colleagues working on other phases of a project. In the execution phase we take the concept further to a working camera and in this phase there is more focus on details. The acceptance phase is about completing the product for mass-production.

I get a lot of enjoyment from my role. The variety within any given project, and between different projects means there is always something to get excited about. Especially as no two projects are often the same. I like that I get to meet with different colleagues a lot as well. It can be insightful to gain their input and share experience and knowledge.

“People here are open to new ideas and suggestions, regardless of your role or job title. Everyone here has the possibility to perform changes.”

Malin Klein

What piece of advice would you give to those looking to secure a career with Axis?

We are a company that is built on an open-minded and curious mindset, so my advice would be to not be afraid to ask questions. Ultimately, be curious and humble. That curious and humble way of thinking is something I really appreciate in my colleagues, and it is one that is welcomed across the wider organization.

How would you describe the Axis company culture?

The company culture to me means open minded and helpful colleagues. It means having the possibilities for your daily work to have an impact and having possibilities to influence the products that we are developing. People here are open to new ideas and suggestions, regardless of your role or job title. Everyone here has the possibility to perform changes.

What’s your ideal day off?

For me, it would be getting out with my family. We’d pack a lunch bag and our swimwear and go out to one of the nature reserves in Skåne, like Kullen, for example. There we would go hiking, find a nice place to stop for lunch and a swim before heading back. It’s definitely more of a summer activity, but it’s one where I get to spend time in nature with my family, which is just perfect for me.

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