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3 reasons to advance your career as an ASIC Engineer with Axis

February 7, 2023

ASIC Engineer

As an ASIC Engineer, what are you looking for in a career?

The chance to stretch and develop your skills, working on cutting edge technology, would be close to the top of the list we’d assume. Seeing and being recognized for how your own work contributes to the commercial success of a business might be up there too. Working for an organization with a clear purpose, one which treats its employees fairly and ethically, could well be essential. And teamwork and collaboration in an inspiring workplace might also be attractive.

We like to think that a career in the ASIC team at Axis ticks all the boxes.

ASIC engineering: the foundation of Axis

Since Axis designed its first system-on-chip (SoC), ARTPEC, more than 20 years ago, ASIC engineering has been the foundation for the company’s success. Designed entirely in house specifically for network video, the development of ARTPEC represents Axis commitment to creating the best quality products possible, making best use of the latest technologies and process nodes.

The eighth iteration of ARTPEC, found in our latest products, enables deep learning-powered advanced analytics at the edge of the network, bringing significant benefits to our customers and competitive advantage. Of course, our ASIC team is continually looking forward, and is already working on future generations of the ARTPEC SoC, which will meet the needs of our customers for years to come.

We’re looking to expand our ASIC team based in Lund, Sweden, in architecture, design, verification, and implementation. Here are three key reasons why we believe a career in the Axis ASIC team meets the criteria of outstanding candidates.

1. You’ll get to work on some of the most advanced ASIC technologies

Every ASIC Engineer wants to know that they’re working on cutting-edge technologies. The Axis ARTPEC SoC is produced using some of the world’s most advanced chip production processes, and offers the chance to apply these to the requirements of our customers, working closely with our core technology teams.

Designing, verifying, and implementing hardware blocks for ARTPEC and accelerating essential and increasingly advanced functions in our cameras is the basis of our success. In addition, our work is at the forefront of what is possible to achieve in ASIC design, to the point where the team regularly writes papers and presents them at international conferences as well as in technical forums within Axis itself.

2. As part of a closely integrated team, you’ll feel ownership from design to implementation

The Axis ASIC team is a close-knit group, but also works in close cooperation with other teams throughout the company. Our core technology team defines the future requirements of products to meet the needs of our customers. Our ASIC team brings these to reality through ASIC architecture, design, pre-production verification, and physical implementation.

While  as a member of the ASIC team you’ll play a specific role, you’ll also feel part of a tightly integrated process from conception to delivery, being recognized for your role in the ongoing commercial success of our company.

ASIC Engineer

3. You’ll be working in an organisation with a clear purpose that values its people

Axis aims to develop solutions that make a meaningful difference to people’s lives, innovating for a smarter, safer world. We’re a global company that provides a collaborative, open, and inclusive environment where you’ll feel empowered to share ideas with your colleagues and see these through to completion.

By encouraging and fostering both individual responsibility and teamwork, we provide an environment where you’ll be able to make the most of your current skills, while learning and growing into new areas. We’re a company that recognizes we get the best from employees when work/life balance is optimized, and provide benefits that support your ability to get the very best of life both inside and outside the office.

So, what are you waiting for?

As an ASIC Engineer, whether experienced or starting your journey, you’ll have a unique set of requirements from your career. We hope that this post gives you a sense of how Axis might support these. You’ll find links to open roles in our ASIC team below, and we’d love to hear from you.