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Meet Sylvia, Marketing Events Specialist and an avid reader

April 8, 2024

Meet Sylvia, Marketing Events Specialist

About Sylvia

  • Job role: Marketing Events Specialist, Canada
  • Team: Canadian Marketing
  • Office Location:  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Time at Axis: 2.5 years
  • Fun fact: I love live music and attend a minimum of four concerts per year (45 concerts and counting)…

What is your typical working day like as a Marketing Events Specialist?

When I started at Axis I was hired as a Senior Marketing Events Coordinator.  Much to my excitement I was promoted at my 2-year anniversary to Marketing Events Specialist and added event strategy to my everyday tasks. A typical day consists of managing external trade show logistics and academy logistics.  I also manage our internal events from the ground up – annual Partner Summit, Axis Golf Classic, and our ever-popular Pop-Up events in various cities across Canada. However, the best part of my role is being able to work cross functionally with our internal stakeholders: Professional Services Group, Inside Sales, and Regional Sales.

What stands out to you about the culture at Axis?

This question is the easiest to answer.  Axis wholeheartedly believes in celebrating individual diversity. We have the privilege of learning about real-world experiences across our region as we work together side by side to achieve a common goal.  In our Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Mississsauga, Canada, we have what’s called ‘Culture Corner” where anyone in the team is encouraged to share their heritage and cultural holiday activities with the team.  This year, we celebrated Chinese New Year by having a Chinese themed fika! I’ve worked for corporate companies and associations over the span of my career, and my personal experience is that Axis is unmatched when it comes to providing a positive culture and environment for their employees.  Everyday, I live by my authentic values and goals, and I am encouraged to show up as myself. Recognition is also a big part of the Axis way, and we are given opportunities to add value in our daily tasks, go above and beyond, and shine in our own way. I specifically enjoy the culture in our Canadian region as I work with people who are genuinely passionate about their work, and we always take the time to celebrate each others’ successes. 

“Our influential leadership team promotes our teams authentically. They also look for leaders who inspire, support, and lead us through change. We are continually growing and strengthening our networks.”

Sylvia Benevides

How would you describe your team?

Our team has a strong sense of camaraderie and respect for each other. We all share the common goal of enhancing our customer experience internally and externally. There’s always the opportunity and potential to learn from one another, to complement each other, and share that respective knowledge and expertise. We are Marketing – we’re creative and passionate, the sky’s the limit for us!

What are the three best things about your job?

I’ve been in several different capacities within the event planning industry for over 20 years, and I feel the same passion for planning events as I did on day one. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where multiple things are happening concurrently. Yes, this can be a challenge at times, but I’m always willing to put my problem-solving skills to work. 

My absolute favorite part of my role is being onsite. From managing the event from start to finish, to meeting the attendees, working with the venue and our team, it’s so exciting to see the event come to life as we work behind the scenes to create a memorable, valuable, and educational event for our customers.

Opportunity: Not just the opportunity to advance your career path, it’s about the in-between as well. We have the opportunity to learn and develop ourselves personally and professionally. One of my personal goals is to focus on continued education. I have taken two accredited courses related to my role thus far, and Axis has supported my goal by offering financial assistance through our benefits program. Your individual learning doesn’t always come in the form of formal training. On the job learning is another pathway for you to achieve your goals, as Axis offers an internal global mentorship program to help develop employees. There are many options for whichever path is yours.

What’s your ideal day off?

This is hard to narrow down! I would start my day with a pumpkin spice cold brew, curling up with my favorite thing to do (tied with shopping) – reading a book.  I enjoy a few different genres; however, I always find myself reaching for a good mystery novel.  At the start of this year, I downloaded the app Good Reads so I can keep track of how many books I’ve read and to connect with other booklovers for their recommendations.  I’m currently reading The Seven Sisters novels by Lucinda Riley, recommended by a colleague from HQ in Sweden.

You can’t always count on the weather in Canada, so when we enter the summer months, I love to spend time at our travel trailer with my family and friends, walking on nature trails, having campfires, and making s’mores.

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