Johan Paulsson talks about innovation meeting purpose

June 13, 2024

Where innovation meets purpose: Life as an Axis engineer

We spoke with Johan Paulsson, Kent Fransson, and Jenny Weeks about how a clear purpose meeting bold innovation can make extraordinary things happen.
Axis podcasts – meet our employees and explore Axis behind the scenes.

May 30, 2024

Axis podcasts – meet our employees and explore Axis behind the scenes

Are you interested to know more about Axis? Then you’ll love our podcasts that are packed with inspiring conversations with Axis employees, experts and representatives.
Henrik Kurelid and Rikard Hermansson in our Linköping office

February 8, 2024

Office Spotlight: Our Linköping R&D site is expanding

We met with Henrik Kurelid, R&D Director for Linköping and Rickard Hermansson, Engineering Manager to learn more about the current innovations, office life, and how you could be part of their growing organization.
Thomas Ekdahl, innovation vulture

February 1, 2024

Innovation culture at Axis: Developing for the future

Get a better understanding of the culture of innovation within Axis and our mission to innovate for a smarter, safer world.
New business team

October 6, 2022

Meet the New Business team

In this blog post, you’ll get to know the New Business team at Axis, and how ‘Free Fridays’ stimulate and enable innovation.