From summer job to full time employment: Viktor’s journey

October 3, 2022

Electronic Engineer

Meet Viktor Drakfeldt, Electrical Engineer at Axis. Viktor studied electrical engineering in Lund and met Axis at the student fair ARKAD. He started out with a summer job which turned into a part time employment during the fall.

“Going to work in the morning feels good and that should not be undervalued.”

Viktor Drakfeldt

“When it was time for me to start looking for a company to write my thesis at, Axis felt like the obvious choice. I had a great time writing my thesis and was looking forward to starting my first “real” job here at Axis. I’ve done the whole student Journey, from summer job to part-time to thesis and now a full-time job. Axis really does a good job in communicating with students”.

Today Viktor works as an Electrical Engineer in R&D and develops and designs electronics for future products in the fixed dome category. Viktor and his colleagues often work in cross-functional projects and collaborate with mechanical engineers and software engineers.

He enjoys the flat organization where everybody helps each other out. He points out that everyone is open to share their knowledge no matter if they are a manager, project leader or engineer. “It’s an open culture with talented co-workers who I can learn a lot from. Going to work in the morning feels good and that should not be undervalued. I always learn new things here. For me, culture is important”.

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