Tools and resources to help students towards a rewarding career in technology: The Axis Developer Community

August 17, 2023

Developer community

At Axis, we have seen our business transformed alongside the growth of the technology sector – from creating the world’s first network camera to solutions that include sight, sound, and analytics– this has also driven the demand for technical developers. We think it’s essential that technology companies support the next generation of developers, and therefore we are inviting technology students to join the Axis Developer Community, where you can access the tools and resources needed to develop software applications for Axis products.

Axis is a company grounded in technological innovation. From the company’s origins more than 30 years ago, our growth has been driven by a curiosity in how new technologies can be applied to support our mission of creating a safer, smarter world. In 1996 we were the first company to create a network surveillance camera, and since then have added further to our solutions: from audio to thermal imaging; from radar to analytics. As the pace of technological innovation accelerates, so too does the opportunity to combine human imagination and intelligent technology in new, interesting, and impactful ways. But we can’t do it alone, and the Axis Developer Community has been created to allow to the maximum number of bright minds to learn about, work together and build on our technologies.

We see your community of curious and open-minded thinkers as one where creative and innovative new ideas can come from. Over recent years we have shared our platform and software development tools with students from selected universities, including the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University in Sweden. This has allowed them to experiment and learn through industry standard tools, for example on embedded development, by creating software that can run onboard Axis existing devices. The results have been so impressive that we decided to create a community for application development which is open to everybody, anywhere in the world, and for free.

We see it as our responsibility – and that of the technology industry as a whole – to give you every chance to learn using high-quality development tools and learning resources. These can be difficult for young people to access, and certainly for free, but with the unstoppable demand for developers they are more necessary than ever.

Through the Axis Developer Community, you have a unique opportunity to learn application development at a professional level. Among other things you will have access to:

  • VAPIX – the complete reference library to all APIs to our products. With VAPIX you can, for example, receive an H.264 video steam, control the pan tilt zoon functionality, configure the product, and much more.
  • Several Windows SDKs for fast and easy development, for example, for video streaming, video recording and playback, video dewarping and more.
  • ACAP SDKs for development of applications to be run onboard our products, on the AXIS OS, based on Linux.
  • AXIS Virtual Loan Tool where you can get online access to more than 200 Axis products, to try them out, and to run tests during your development.
  • A forum where it’s possible to get in touch with developers all over the world and at Axis; a place to discuss, to seek help and to help other developers, and at the same time build a professional network.

Join the community and read the full overview of our offering!