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Meet Taylor, Product Marketing Manager and sports event aficionado

June 27, 2024

Meet Taylor, Product Marketing Manager

About Taylor

  • Job Role: Product Marketing Manager, Americas
  • Team: Product, Solution, and Services Marketing
  • Office Location:  Arlington, Virginia, U.S.
  • Time at Axis: 2 years
  • Fun fact: On a quest to visit every professional basketball arena.

What is the best part of your role at Axis?

The best part of my role is the ability to work collaboratively with various technical-focused teams, which allows me to become ingrained in the developmental process of our products. I get to witness their pure genius and create authentic stories about the products. Whether it is executing a campaign or launching a new product, there is never a dull moment when it comes to fashioning a story with internal stakeholders. This vitality is no doubt a result of each individual’s passion fueled by the Axis mission to innovate for a smarter, safer world. I find profound fulfillment in being a member of an organization that cares about making a difference in the world.

Can you share your journey to becoming a Product Marketing Manager?

I have always wanted to be a marketing professional; however, becoming a product marketer was not originally within my field of view. While attending Hampton University, I became fascinated with creating cohesive and compelling storylines for marketing department projects. A highlight example is my participation in a regional pitch competition where teams from various institutions were tasked to present the benefits of advanced cellular technology for emergency preparedness. This monumental experience solidified my passion for storytelling and opened my eyes to the world of technology companies.

 After finishing graduate school, I worked at The Walt Disney Company as a product marketer. Through this role, my ability to analyze data, create captivating narratives, and facilitate large projects skyrocketed in a manner I had not experienced before. In addition, I gained exposure to the art of collaborating cross-functionally to complete a launch. After this experience, I joined the Product, Solution, and Services Marketing team of Axis Americas. Now, I apply my academic and experiential learnings alongside my creative teammates and colleagues.

How have you enhanced your skills for your role through professional development?

As a new product marketer of technology, the primary way I enhanced my skills was by enrolling in the Axis Communications Academy course “Network Video Fundamentals.” The course was open to employees and partners of the company. The class I participated in was a great melting pot of ideas, perspectives, and education from my course peers, whose years of experience in the security industry ranged from two to 20 years! My Axis course instructor, Dave Johansen, did an excellent job of breaking down the concepts in meaningful ways for each of us in different tenures and roles in the industry. Thanks to the course, I gained the skills I needed to elevate my ability to generate messaging for the brilliant products at Axis. Moreover, I became an Axis Certified Professional, which is an esteemed designation signifying competency about the functions and concepts of network cameras.

What is one of your favorite memories with the company?

The experience of presenting at Americas Kickoff 2023 was undoubtedly a career highlight for me and one of my fondest memories! I was thrilled to be selected alongside two of my accomplished colleagues to lead one of several informative workshops. With this being my first Axis Kickoff, I remember bubbling with contagious excitement the entire time. From the impromptu and meaningful conversations with colleagues I’d never met before to the successful workshop sessions after months of preparation, every moment fueled me with a greater appreciation for our company culture and mission.

What are some out-of-work activities you enjoy doing?

I have always found great delight in attending live sporting events. For me, there is nothing quite like the thrill of a professional basketball game! The energy in the arena is simply infectious, especially when the home team makes the game-winning shot or miraculously leads the score after suffering a large point deficit. Whether rooting for my favorite team or simply enjoying the spectacle of it all, I always leave the arena feeling energized. I also love to spend time outdoors. As a California native, I feel most at home when I am walking on a path lined with greenery or near a body of water while enjoying the sun. There is just something about the beauty of nature that fills me with a sense of peace.

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