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A fast-moving global context at Axis. Behind the scenes of our global Operations team

May 24, 2024

Behind the scenes of our global Operations team

With around 500 employees in Sweden and several more across our regions, the Operations team oversees Axis’ global supply chain. We met with Jeanette Skjelmose, Vice President Global Operations, and Carl Trotzig, Director Environment & Supply Chain Sustainability, to find out about managing an intricate workflow, the division’s importance at Axis, and why it’s a great team to be part of.

A day in the life of Axis Operations

We started by asking Jeanette to describe the Operations team’s everyday work and how they contribute to growth at Axis, “Every day, Axis produces and ships thousands of products to our customers and partners around the world thanks to our fantastic and dedicated colleagues and partners. The team manages a complex worldwide supply chain, handling orders and shipping to and from configuration and logistics centers and working closely with our vast network of manufacturing partners and suppliers. They ensure a smooth process from prototype to product, take part in product development, create test equipment, and constantly monitor whether our partners meet our high standards on quality, capacity, lead time and sustainability.” 

Curious about the sort of things the team handles? Here’s just one example that illustrates the complexity of working with our supply chain: Product components come from over 300 suppliers around the world. Our products are then built and tested at manufacturing sites in Poland, Mexico, Thailand, and Taiwan before being shipped to one of our seven Configuration and Logistics Centers for further distribution to our customers.

Jeanette and Carl agree that the Operations team must always have one eye firmly on internal activity while the other eye constantly monitors external events. Jeanette explains, “Our team has to be on the ball and curious about the world around us, whether it’s geopolitics, trade wars, tensions, or disruptions – it’s challenging, but that’s what makes this job fun.”

Manufacturing partnerships at the center

When discussing our process, Carl emphasizes that we outsource all manufacturing, which is why the internal Operations team is relatively small. This structure requires close and integrated relationships with our global partners, where collaboration and communication are essential. Carl explains why, “It’s not enough that Axis succeeds; our entire value chain needs to succeed because we are so reliant on each other, and the better our value chain is, the better Axis is.” Jeanette adds, “There isn’t a day that we don’t have someone from our internal team in close dialogue with our partners or together with them on the factory floor.”

Sustainability across the value chain

 Carl Trotzig, Director Environment & Supply Chain Sustainability, and Jeanette Skjelmose, Vice President Global Operations.
Carl Trotzig, Director Environment & Supply Chain Sustainability, and Jeanette Skjelmose, Vice President Global Operations.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Operations at Axis. Even though energy consumption during usage contributes the most to our climate impact, it’s also important to address transport and energy consumption during production to reach our climate goals. This is where collaboration and shared understanding are vital for progress. To reach our sustainability goals, our suppliers must contribute to our high ambitions and be at the forefront of change. But, says Carl, we are committed to helping them develop and evolve so we can all have the future we want to see.

What makes the team unique?

Jeanette and Carl highlight the multifaceted skill set required in Operations, including creative problem-solving and collaboration across the value chain. From customer interaction to logistics, sourcing, industrialization and manufacturing. Operations at Axis demand adaptability and forward-thinking from its team members. As we continue to grow and innovate, this team remains at the forefront ensuring that Axis not only adapts to change but thrives in it.

Jeanette, who has led the Axis Operations team for almost 2 years, tells us that it’s the Axis vision, our amazing people, and innovative products that make her excited to come to work every morning. “Our vision really makes a difference to people’s lives; our culture and shared values allow employees to be themselves; and our products are at the forefront of innovation and ambition,” she says.

With almost 16 years at Axis, Carl leads sustainability across our supply chain, focusing on mitigating our impact on the planet and people. We asked Carl what’s kept him motivated all these years, “Axis is a company in constant change and development, so it never gets dull. I’m also driven by our innovation culture, which goes beyond our products to everything we do in the organization.”

Be part of our exciting growth journey

We are constantly looking for talented people who love working in a fast-moving, developing environment, enjoy a global context to work, and are good at collaborating with different partners and stakeholders.

Perhaps your next step is within Operations? Keep a look out for opportunities in our team.

Key functions of the Operations team

Global Industrialization: working close with R&D and ensures a smooth transition from prototype to product.

Manufacturing: Overseeing production, capacity, cost and quality in high volume phase

Sourcing: Identifying and working with our 350 worldwide component suppliers

Supply Chain: Taking care of logistics, transport, ensuring customs clearance, sales and operations plans and execution and leading our configuration and logistics centers.

Operations Development: Leading our digital transformation and constantly improving our ways of working.

Environmental & Supply Chain Sustainability: Working across all functions of Axis to ensure that we take responsibility for our impact on people and the planet, innovate responsibly, and are trustworthy and transparent in all we do.